Selena Gomez Causes Controversy by Exposing Ankle in Abu Dhabi Mosque

Selena Gomez
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Actress Selena Gomez diverted from her Disney persona in Rudderless, starring opposite William H. Macy and Billy Crudup

The pop singer has removed an Instagram post in which she exposes her lower leg

Selena Gomez's trip to Abu Dhabi has provoked anger, accusations of impropriety and now a deleted Instagram post after the pop star exposed her ankles during a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque earlier this week.

Gomez and her posse posted two photos at the mosque that caused a flood of Instagram outrage: one with a group that included Cody Simpson and Kendall Jenner posing and laughing in the mosque and another in which Gomez poses exposing her lower right leg and ankle. Both acts in a mosque — waggling a bare ankle and laughing/smiling — are considered signs of disrespect in the Muslim culture.

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The ankle-exposing Instagram post has been deleted, but the group shot is still up for view. User comments include "Just because you're not Muslim doesn't mean you don't have to follow Muslim tradition in a Muslim place," and "The thing is, whichever religion you are, respect others and their beliefs!"

Gomez has not commented on the controversy yet, and a rep for the singer did not respond to request for comment. Her latest single, "The Heart Wants What It Wants," is at No. 13 on the current Hot 100 chart.

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