Selena Gomez Cries After Meeting Somber Billy Crudup in 'Rudderless' Clip (Exclusive)

"You're his dad, right? You're Sam?"

In an exclusive look at William H. Macy's feature film directorial debut, Rudderless, Selena Gomez and Billy Crudup mourn the loss of a loved one, with slightly different reactions.

In the film, which premiered at Sundance and is being released in theaters and on demand on Friday by Samuel Goldwyn Films, Crudup plays Sam, a divorced adman whose son dies, leading him to go on a bender to forget his past before he stumbles across his son's music and uses the songs to reconnect with his late child.

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In the clip, Sam is sitting in what appears to be his son's room staring at a wall of board games.

When Gomez's Kate walks in, she apologizes for disturbing him and introduces herself as Sam's son's girlfriend.

"You're his dad, right? You're Sam?" she asks.

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As she recalls how Sam's son, Josh, spoke about his father, she gets choked up and starts to cry.

"He spoke about you — highly of you," Kate says. "He was really sweet to me. He was always very sweet to me."

Ultimately Sam's ex-wife Emily (and Josh's mom), played by Felicity Huffman, appears at the door and consoles Kate.

Watch the full clip above.