Selena Gomez, Ethan Hawke Team Up in 'Getaway' Trailer (Video)

The Disney star wields a gun in the new trailer for the action flick.

From Disney fixtures to danger pictures, Selena Gomez has now cemented herself as an edgy, daring actress, starring in Getaway, a new film about -- you guessed it -- a getaway, alongside action veteran Ethan Hawke.

In a newly released trailer for the Warner Bros. flick, Hawke plays Brent, a notorious driver whose wife, Leanne (Rebecca Budig), is kidnapped by The Man, who verbally communicates with Brent only through his car radio. The voice threatens Brent, “She will remain [alive] as long as you follow my instructions. Drive!”

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When The Kid (Gomez) attempts to hold up Brent, wielding a gun, The Man orders Brent to kill her, but he does not oblige. Instead, The Man “suggests” they work together if Brent ever wants to see his wife again.

Thus begins a whirlwind of car chases and crashes, massive explosions, emotional implosions, and uncharacteristic badassery from Gomez.

Getaway is co-directed by Courtney Solomon (Dungeons & Dragons) and first-time director Yaron Levy and also stars Jon Voight and Paul Freeman.

The film opens on Aug. 30.