Selena Gomez on What to Expect From the MTV Europe Music Awards' Youngest Host Ever (Q&A)

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The actress turned singer tells THR how she is preparing, who she wants to see perform and whether she'll get pre-show jitters.

It's going to be a busy few weeks for Selena Gomez. The 19-year old former Wizards of Waverly Place actress, is currently on tour with her band in Canada before she travels to Northern Ireland in November to host the MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast.

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The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Gomez to talk about her new gig as the youngest ever host of the EMAs, how she prepares and getting nervous on the night of the show.

The Hollywood Reporter: How does it feel to be the Europe Music Awards youngest ever host? Will the show feel different this year?

Selena Gomez: I'm really looking forward to it. It will be really fun to be on the hosting side of it and get to perform so it will be different for me an my band. I think it is interesting to have my fans be involved, to bring a whole different audience. Other than that I'm not sure it will be a whole lot different.

THR: How are you preparing for Belfast?

Gomez: We're doing a bunch of the creative stuff at the moment. I'm actually on tour right now (in Canada) but once I go over to Ireland I'll be doing a lot of rehearsals there. It'll be my first time in Belfast, so I'm excited to be there.

THR: You had a bit of a warm up hosting the pre-show at the VMAs in August.  How did that feel?

Gomez: We did the pre-show this year, and it was really fun and we got to do the whole concert and interview artists. It was a good time.

THR: What should fans expect from this year's show?

Gomez: With the promo that we released, its kind of the direction I want to go in. There will be fun and different and things people have never seen me do before

THR: Can you give us any hints?

Gomez: We're working on it creatively, so it's mostly about what kind of skits we are going to do, but I can't say more than that just yet.

THR: What kind of styling are you going for?

Gomez: I think I have a five-hour fitting or something ridiculous like that scheduled and we are going to go through that. We're going to try different outfits that I've never worn before and it's definitely going to be more about the fashion when it comes to my clothes and stuff.

THR: Who are you looking forward to seeing perform?

Gomez: I'm looking forward to seeing everybody perform. And I really like Coldplay, so I'm looking forward to them. I haven't seen them before.

THR: Will you be feeling nerves on the night?

Gomez: Oh yes. I'm already feeling it. I'm definitely nervous.