Selena Gomez Weighs In on "Disheartening" Family Separation at U.S.-Mexico Border

Selena Gomez Hotel Transylvania 3 Premiere - Getty - H 2018
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

As an estimated 55,000 people gathered at the Families Belong to Together rally in L.A., the actress discussed Trump's "zero-tolerance" policy at the premiere of 'Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.'

The irony that the Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation premiere was happening earlier today at the same time as a Families Belong Together rally was being held just a few miles away in downtown Los Angeles wasn’t lost on the family-friendly animated film’s cast and crew.

“It’s extremely disheartening,” Selena Gomez, who stars as Dracula’s daughter Mavis in the Hotel Transylvania franchise, told The Hollywood Reporter about families being separated at the border. “There’s a lot of confusion and anger.”

Just yesterday, Gomez tweeted her support for the rallies. “Families seeking safety in our country need protection, understanding and opportunity, not detention,” she wrote. “This is a moral choice, not a political one. #keepfamiliestogether #june30.”

The immigration issue hits close to home for Gomez. She is not only Mexican-American, but she also grew up in Texas. “It’s definitely been affecting so many people who are close to me,” she told THR.

Kathryn Hahn, who makes her debut in the franchise playing a mysterious cruise ship captain, said she couldn’t help but think of the Trump Administration’s "zero tolerance" policy while driving to the premiere. “I am so grateful that I am here with my family, but how horrifying is what’s happening in our country right now?” she said.

Producer Michelle Murdocca teared up when discussing the issue. “I can’t think about it or I’ll cry,” she said. “But that’s also why we do these movies. My favorite thing to do on opening weekend is I go to a lot of different theaters because there’s nothing like hearing kids laughing with their parents. And the message of the movies is all about acceptance and being yourself.”

Politics aside, the movie centers around Dracula (Adam Sandler) taking a cruise with his daughter and his monster friends from his hotel. Director and co-writer Genndy Tartakovsky admits he initially turned down Sony Pictures Animation’s offer to direct the third installment because it began to feel “repetitive” after having helmed the first two. “But then that holiday season, I get surprised with a cruise from my in-laws,” he said. “As I got on the boat I started to realize that it’s a hotel on the water so it would be perfect for our monster family. They had already been working [on the third movie] but then I came back in with this idea.”

Tartakovsky provides the voice of Blobby in the movie. “When I draw, I make sound effects… and I started doing Blobby and then I did Blobby for the scratch and people were laughing,” he said. “As soon as you get a laugh, you don’t want to ruin it, so we kept me as Blobby.”

While a fourth movie is already being “talked about,” Murdocca said, nothing official will happen until the team see box-office receipts when Hotel Transylvania 3 opens on July 13.

But Murdocca did reveal that the franchise will likely expand beyond the big screen with a “stage musical.” She beamed, “It’s way past the ideas phase. It’s not a Broadway musical, but it’s very exciting and super fun.”

The afternoon premiere was a tropical theme complete with a water blue carpet — even Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group chairman Tom Rothman got into the spirit by wearing a Hawaiian-print shirt. Guests, with their kids in tow, included Tori Spelling, Jodie Sweetin, Amber Rose, Johnny Knoxville, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Elisabeth Rohm and reality star Kendra Wilkinson.