Selena Gomez Wore Leather Hot Pants to Her Thanksgiving

Selena Gomez Halftime Show - P 2013
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Selena Gomez Halftime Show - P 2013

The singer's costume designer talks to Pret-a-Reporter about how her Thanksgiving NFL halftime show look came to be.

While you were passed out on grandma's couch in a food coma last Thursday, Selena Gomez was busy performing at the NFL halftime show of the Raiders-Cowboys game. And while you likely wore leggings, a muumuu or some other flowy, elastic-waisted option to your Thanksgiving meal, Gomez' turkey day uniform was the most feast-unfriendly outfit one could wear — a pair of leather hot pants with a sheer leather-tinged body suit. The outfit would have been scary on anyone who partook in more than a teaspoon of mom's marshmallow-infused sweet potatoes. But Gomez, of course, looked great.

The cool costume came courtesy of Emmy-winning costume designer Marina Toybina, who is no stranger to the live dance performance world having worked on X Factor, So You Think You Can Dance and the documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me

"With this particular performance, I wanted to explore the eclectic side to Selena's style, her stage presence and her personality as an artist. My main focus was to create a beautiful look that would showcase that she can be sophisticated and elegant, but still have a feminine edge to her," Toybina tells Pret-a-Reporter on the crafting of the piece. "I chose the materials, trims and graphics that would complement her body's shape as well as be visually stunning from all angles. It took about a week and a half of full dedication, complete with original sketches, Selena's approval, initial sample sewing and fitting and the re-cut of the approved pieces." 

It would have taken us a week and a half of spinach smoothies and serious bootcamp to fit our arm through that thing. But we thank Toybina for providing us with a goal for next Thanksgiving, when the urge to eat gallons of potatoes and wear sweatpants comes calling once again. 

Check out Toybina's exclusive sketch below: 



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