Selena Gomez's 'When The Sun Goes Down' Track-By-Track (Video)

Gomez dishes on each of the 12 tracks on her new album.


Just one year after Disney Channel graduate (and Justin Bieber's main gal) Selena Gomez released her second album, "A Year Without Rain," Gomez got the band -- The Scene -- back together for album number three, "When the Sun Goes Down."

"I'm really proud of it," Gomez tells of the album, out today (June 28). "I definitely think this is a different kind of album for me." "When the Sun Goes Down" features a diverse array of themes, most of which speak to the burgeoning maturity of its now 18-year-old creator. "I think it ages me up a little bit," she says.

Shortly before Gomez's June 23 appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the singer sat down with to walk us through every track on "When the Sun Goes Down." Watch the video track-by-track above, or read what Gomez had to say below. Not only does Gomez explain why every album needs a breakout song, she reveals which songs made the album because of her mom. 

1. "Love You Like a Love Song"
"[This] will be my second single. It's one of those tracks that's addictive because it's kind of repetitive in the best way. It's one of those songs that you can't get out of your head. It was written by Tim [James] and Antonina [Armato] of Rock Mafia and they're so sweet."

2. "Bang, Bang, Bang"
"It's a really fun, cheeky song. It's kind of an insult/compliment song about someone that used to be in your life and now someone who is in your life who's amazing. It's a sweet song and I feel like a lot of girls can related to it especially."

3. "Who Says"
"It's probably my favorite I've ever recorded. I think it's really meaningful and it's kind of a big anthem. It went platinum so it's my second song ever that's platinum. I was really excited, I was in the car when I found out promoting the third album. It gave me a big boost."

4. "We Own the Night"
"It made the album because of my mom. Then I became crazy obsessed with it because it's a beautiful song. It was really fun to sing. I love Pixie Lott. I think she's incredible and talented. She co-wrote the song with Toby Gad."

5. "Hit the Lights"
"I feel like everyone can relate to that song. It's kind of one of those songs about living in the moment while keeping it a big huge summer dance track."

6. "Whiplash"
"I love the lyrics saying you're completely in love with someone and you're going to crash into them and get whiplash. The funny thing about that is that I actually did get into an accident two days before I recorded that song. I didn't get whiplash, it wasn't a bad accident but it was really funny."

7. "When the Sun Goes Down"
"It's really special to my bass player, Joey, who wrote it. And I got to rewrite the bridge of it as well. It felt like we got to do that as a band."

8. "My Dilemma"
"'My Dilemma' is my Kelly Clarkson kind of pop rock. You have to have a break up song. You have to have one of those songs about a boy that drives you crazy. It's really just one of those songs that I can sing over and over and over again."

9. "That's More Like It"
"[This] is a little bit of a cheeky '50s kind of theme; back then you always kind of assumed that the woman would cook for you and the guys would go work. The song kind of flips that and says 'you can massage my feet, you can take care of me, you can cook me dinner.' I think girls will enjoy singing that though I apologize to all of the boys who will be hearing that song."

10. "Outlaw"
"In the bridge it says I'm from the Lone Star state which makes me very happy because I'm very proud of where I came from. But it's actually kind of spooky and really pretty. That's the only way I can describe it. It's a very fun, weird track."

11. "Middle of Nowhere"
"I didn't write that one but it's gorgeous and I feel like everybody can relate to it. Then you add all the fun pop beats and synths behind the song and it just really makes you want to move."

12. "Dices"
"'Dices' is 'Who Says' in Spanish. We actually recorded that because I recorded 'A Year Without Rain' in Spanish and it did really well and I love being able to connect with that side of me. I'm not fluent in Spanish so it's nice to sing it and makes my family proud."