Sarah Jones Carries "Believe Women" Handbag to 'Sell/Buy/Date' Premiere

Sarah Jones- Publicity-H 2018
Katie Jones @katiedaisyla

The Tony Award winner toted the Michele Pred purse as a symbol of solidarity for survivors of sexual assault.

Tony Award winner Sarah Jones arrived Sunday at the opening night of her play Sell/Buy/Date at the Los Angeles LGBT Center ready to make a statement with her fashion. Complementing her hot-pink pantsuit was a black purse with neon lettering that spelled, "Believe women."

"It's very clear that some people need to be hit over the head with a purse like this, so that they will learn how to believe the incredibly poignant testimony of women," Jones told The Hollywood Reporter.

The Michele Pred bag's message was appropriate for the content of Jones' play, which she wrote and performed as a one-woman show. In the play, Jones portrays multiple survivors of sex trafficking, as well as many characters still working in the sex industry. The show, set in a futuristic history class, also critiques the Trump administration through the lens of sexual predation.

"Anything — whether it's entertaining or deeply serious — that celebrates women's voices is imperative, in this time, to counteract what's going on in our culture and our society," said Lesley Ann Warren during an on-carpet chat with THR.

Though Warren has previously been hesitant to share her political views, she said recent events have influenced her to use her platform to make partisan statements ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. And she encourages others in Hollywood to do the same.

"Whomever is comfortable needs to speak up," the actress said. "What's happened in our country is so horrifying to me and to so many others. We have the opportunity to be recognized. We need to use that opportunity to push really hard against the horrible environment that we find ourselves in."

"This is my dream — to get to do this work in a time like this," Jones said. "I hope you'll help me keep doing it. I'll be here as long as you'll have me, and no matter what, this was such a joyful opening night for me — you're amazing. And believe women."

Other guests in attendance included Lily Tomlin, Jenifer Lewis, Debra Messing, Laverne Cox and Rashida Jones.

Sell/Buy/Date, directed by Carolyn Cantor, will continue to run at the Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center through Nov. 3.