Baby2Baby And Tod's Luncheon Enlists Support From Selma Blair, Milla Jovovich

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From left: Selma Blair, Milla Jovovich, Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Michelle Monaghan at the Baby2Baby lunch.

"It's such a simple and easy-to-understand concept. We have a lot, and let's give to people that don't have a lot. Basic form of charity," explained Baby2Baby co-founder Kelly Sawyer Patricof, who was joined by Michelle Monaghan and Rachel Zoe during the event.

Ladies (with huge hearts) that lunch: Milla Jovovich, Minnie Mortimer, Michelle Monaghan and Selma Blair were among the guests at the Baby2Baby luncheon, hosted by Tod's at the Chateau Marmont on Tuesday afternoon. 

Founded by Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein, Baby2Baby's mission is to provide low-income children (up to age 12) with diapers, clothing and other basic necessities. The organization was crafted by the combined experience of Sawyer, who volunteered at a Harlem Head Start center while modeling in New York, and lawyer Nora Weinstein, who did pro-bono work for low-income mothers. When the two philanthropists connected in Los Angeles, the rest became history.

"It was basically one of those things where I would see these children who couldn’t do their school work because they had shoes that were three sizes too small, wearing the same clothes every day," explained Sawyer Patricof. "It was just these basic essentials that they didn’t have, that we wanted to do something about." Do something they did. The charity organization has gone from serving 500 children to now helping over 125,000 low-income families.

Board member Rachel Zoe stressed the emotional pull of Baby2Baby's work: "You kind of can’t go to sleep at night knowing that they’re going to sleep in dirty diapers, that they are going to sleep without a crib, no stroller, no car seat, anything and there’s seven siblings sharing a room in a one-room apartment. That’s not OK. We’ve made that our mission."


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Weinstein, Zoe, Jenni Kayne, Jen Meyer, Molly Sims, Shiva Rose, Baby2Baby board members and longtime supporters spent the first 20 minutes catching up and admiring Tod's newest "It" accessory — the Wave Bag — before sitting down for lunch, which was set up in celebration of the Italian luxury label's new Band campaign.

Inside the dining area, the black, white and red tablescape was adorned with personalized seven-inch records in lieu of traditional place cards. Red flowers and chairs were bold accents that complemented the luncheon's pseudo-punk theme. Guests were served Chateau Marmont’s spin on traditional Italian fare: kale salad with beets, chicken, penne pasta with petit fours and sorbet. 

Before the private event wrapped, attendees were able to order the Wave Bag directly at the lunch. Shared the exceptionally gracious Sawyer Patricof, "When Tod’s came to us and asked if they could host this for us, we were just so happy and grateful for all of their support.”

Tod's Wave Bag 

Selma Blair's record-inspired place card

The black and red-themed table setting

Tod's Wave Bag on top of a jukebox