Seminci-Valladolid festival chooses bookends

'Captain Abu Raed,' 'Young@Heart' among 20 int'l films

MADRID -- Amin Matalga's "Captain Abu Raed" and Stephen Walker's senior songsters documentary "Young@Heart" will open and close the Seminci-Valladolid Film Festival, which is set for Oct. 24-Nov. 1.

Valladolid, under the tutelage of new artistic director Javier Angulo, will showcase 20 international films, including two-time Valladolid Golden Spike winner Atom Egoyan's tale of young people's Internet relationships, "Adoration," and Amos Gitai's Holocaust drama "Plus Tard," starring Jeanne Moreau.

Other titles include Spaniard Helena Taberna's Spanish Civil War drama "La Buena Nueva," Mexican Rodrigo Pla's follow-up to "La Zona" -- "Desierto Adentro," Argentine Alberto Lecchi's "El Fracaso" and German Doris Doerrie's "Cherry Blossoms -- Hanami."

Amy Redford, Robert Redford's daughter, will see her directorial debut, "The Guitar," screen in the official competition, along with five other first-time directors including Abel Garcia Roure, with "Una cierta verdad," and Jodie Markell, "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond."

The festival will honor directors Gonzalo Suarez, Marco Ferreri, Rafael Azcona, Bo Widerberg and Shohei Imamura.