Senator taps Nitschke to head distrib'n


BERLIN -- Anatol Nitschke, longtime distribution head at Berlin-based X Verleih, has been named co-head of Senator Film Verleih and Senator Home Entertainment, where he will oversee distribution for the indie with Peter Heinzemann.

As head of X Verleih, a position he has held since 2000, Nitschke was responsible for the release of such local hits as "Good bye, Lenin!," "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days" and this year's release of the Hitler comedy "Mein Fuhrer."   

Nitschke joined X Verleih from Senator, where he was managing director from 1999-2000.

He will rejoin his old firm April 1.

Senator parent Senator Entertainment is a shareholder in X Verleih and parent X Filme Creative Pool, controlling 51% of X Filme and 25.1% of X Verleih.

Berlin-based Senator has overhauled its production and distribution activities since being taken over in 2005 by an investment group led by German entertainment lawyer Helge Sasse and producer Marco Weber.

Senator has been aggressively buying up titles to drive its German distribution business, acquiring a wide range of films from "Fast Food Nation" and "Shortbus" to the Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez double feature "Grindhouse" and the Stephen King adaptation "The Mist."