Senators to Share Stories of Gender Discrimination on 'Meet the Press'

Getty Images
Elizabeth Warren

The NBC Sunday-morning show asked every female U.S. senator to share her experience.

For this Sunday's Meet the Press, the morning show asked all female members of the U.S. Senate to share any experiences they've had with sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination. It will be part of the #MeToo campaign that's picked up steam on social media this past week.

The show released a preview of the segment on Friday, including interviews with Sens. Claire McCaskill, Mazie Hirono, Elizabeth Warren and Heidi Heitkamp. The show will feature additional testimonials from more senators, said a representative.

McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, shared a story from her time in the state Legislature. "I was a very young state legislator and in my 20s, and I was single," she said. "And I was nervous about getting my first bill out of committee. So I cautiously approached the dais and went up to speak to the very powerful speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives. And I explained to him the bill I had and [asked] did he have any advice for me on how I could get it out of committee. And he looked at me, and he paused, and he said, 'Well, did you bring your kneepads?' "

Women from across the entertainment and media industries, among others, have been sharing stories online about their experiences with discrimination as well. "The first women who started the 'Me Too' campaign were incredibly brave," Warren said in the MTP preview. "And they inspired the next wave. And in turn, they inspired the next wave and the next wave and the next wave. That's how we make real change."