Send Emails the Amy Pascal Way Using 'The Pascalizer'

Amy Pascal - H 2014
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Amy Pascal - H 2014

A new site lets you easily ask someone why they're punishing you

Have you ever wondered whether Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal would approve of your emails? You can now find out. Sort of.

The New York Post has launched a site called The Pascalizer, which allows users to type in their own email messages. They then press a button, and the site adds in a real sentence from one of Pascal's leaked email messages.

The Pascalizer, which also puts the text into all caps, then allows users to actually send the email.

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This new site is a reference to Pascal's numerous embarrassing emails that were leaked following last month's cyberattack on Sony's systems. Many of Pascal's emails that were reported on by the media were part of conversations with producer Scott Rudin.

Among the possible Pascal sentences that could get added to an email include: "IM NOT TALKING TO HER IF SHE GONNA SLAM ME," "WHY ARE U PUNISHING ME?" and "DO NOT F— THREATEN ME."

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Perhaps the most outlandish of the potential options is this one, which Pascal wrote to Rudin and Angelina Jolie about Jolie's possible hairdo for the in-development epic Cleopatra: "I DON'T THINK I CAN BEAT YOU CAN BEAT THAT KID N PLAY POSSIBLY WITH SOME PEARLS." Rudin had previously suggested the hairstyles of hip-hop group Kid 'n Play.

To use the Pascalizerclick here.

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