Senior Russian Official Accuses Euronews of Biased Coverage

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The foreign ministry's official said the network wouldn't report any negative news on Ukrainian authorities

MOSCOW — A senior Russian foreign ministry official has accused the TV network Euronews of being biased. Since the annexation of Crimea by Russia and outbreak of clashes between Ukrainian armed forces and separatists in Eastern Ukraine, Russia has repeatedly criticized foreign media for allegedly biased coverage of events in Ukraine.

"Fantastic bias and lack of objectivity, especially on the example of the Ukrainian crisis, is just striking," Maria Zakharova, deputy head of the foreign ministry information and media department, said on her Facebook account.

According to Zakharova, the network deliberately fails to report any negative news about current Ukrainian authorities. "Do you know how you could learn about the true situation in Ukraine?" she asked. "Just watch Euronews. If the network doesn't say a single word about the situation in Ukraine, like, for instance, today, it means that [Ukraine's president Petro] Poroshenko is doing very poorly."

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Earlier this summer, foreign minister Sergei Lavrov had mentioned Euronews as an example of a Western news outlet that doesn't provide an unbiased coverage of events in Ukraine.

"Today, for instance, I was surprised to watch several news desks on Euronews in a row, none of which contained a single word about Ukraine," he said.

Russian authorities have repeatedly criticized Ukrainian and international media for allegedly biased coverage of events related to the Ukrainian crisis.

This March, the two countries' largest media groups exchanged open letters calling on objectivity in covering Ukraine-related news, but the mutual requests remained unheard.

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