Seoul fest to launch in October


CANNES -- A new film festival focused on Korean national cinema will launch in October in Seoul, organizers said on Wednesday at the Festival de Cannes.

Called CHIFFS -- for Chungmuro International Film Festival in Seoul -- the event is planned for the district of the South Korean capital, long home to the country's movie industry.

Organizer Kim Hong-joon is the former dean of the film department at the Korea National University of the Arts and a one-time director of the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Kim designed the festival to reintroduce Korean film history to audiences, to create a new cinematic culture in response to the rapid changes in media, and to offer diverse and eclectic programming.

The CHIFFS program will range from silent classics to independent digital features and from films by masters to films by emerging directors.

CHIFFS hopes to make viewing films a cultural event so that audiences transcend the role of passive spectators, connect with the films and effectively communicate their experiences with other filmgoers, Kim said.