Serbia picks 'Solemn Promise' for Oscar race

Srdjan Karanovic's cross-cultural love story

ZURICH -- Serbia is sending Srdjan Karanovic's "Solemn Promise," a cross-cultural love story, into the 2011 Oscar race as its official candidate for Best Foreign Language Film.

The period drama tells of Lea, a Slovenian woman whose Serbian husband goes off to fight in World War I. Their neighbor Azem, a Muslim Albanian, promises to take care of her. Despite their differences, Lea and Azem find themselves drawn to one another.

"Solemn Promise" premiered in competition last year at the Moscow Film Festival. It is a co-production of Serbia's Bas Celik, Vertigo/Emotion Film of Slovenia, Croatia's Arkadena Zagreb, Tivoli Film in Hungary and France's Asap Films.
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