Serene Branson Suffered 'Complex Migraine'

Her physician confirms reports that the KCBS-TV Channel 2 reporter did not have a stroke on Grammys night.

KCBS-TV Channel 2 reporter Serene Branson, who had trouble forming words with her live post-Grammys report, suffered a "complex migraine," her physician, Dr. Neil Martin, chief of neurosurgery at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, tells the Los Angeles Times. 

A complex migraine can mimic the symptoms of a stroke, including weakness, loss of vision, difficulty speaking and a headache. 
It is often mistaken for a stroke.
A complex migraines is caused when blood vessels in the brain suddenly spasm and then dilate again. After dilating, a headache develops. During the spasm, certain parts of the brain receive too little blood, causing the stroke-like symptoms, according to the Times.
It is usually a temporary problem.
Branson - who is said to be feeling better and looks forward to returning to work - gave Martin permission to disclose her condition publicly.