'Serial': Adnan Syed's Brother Says Jay Wilds Is "Covering for Someone"

AP Images

The Syed family speaks out in a new interview.

The Serial podcast may have ended almost a month ago, but interviews with key people involved with the convicted Adnan Syed keep popping up.

People magazine has a new interview with the Syed family about Serial. They maintain Syed's innocence in the murder of Hae Min Lee. Adnan's brother Yusuf said, "I think Jay knows what happened. He's involved and he's covering for someone." He's referring to Jay Wilds, the key witness in Maryland's case against Syed.

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Syed's mother Shamim Rahman said Serial has given the family hope. "We're excited and we have a little hope," said Rahman. "We can just pray. We know he didn't do it. Somebody else did it."