'Serial' Announces Finale Will Be Next Week

Sarah Koenig - H 2014
Meredith Heuer

Sarah Koenig - H 2014

Sarah Koenig reveals the first season will end on Dec. 18

Serial fans may have felt their hearts drop while listening to the latest episode released on Thursday. The new episode ended with host Sarah Koenig revealing that next week would be the final episode of the podcast's first season.

The episode, titled "Rumors," centered on Adnan Syed's personality. At the end Koenig reads a letter Syed wrote to her. She says, "'At this point,' he wrote, 'It doesn't matter to me how your story portrays me — guilty or innocent — I just want it to be over.'"

She adds, "It will be. Next time, final episode of Serial."

Syed was convicted for the first-degree murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in Baltimore in 1999. Both of them were high schoolers at the time. The weekly podcast follows Koenig's investigation of the crime and delves into whether or not Syed was wrongfully convicted. Koenig has repeatedly stated she's not going to necessarily pick a side at the conclusion of the season, because this is real life and doesn't necessarily get a "Hollywood ending."

Serial will, however, have a second season with an entirely new story, that may or may not be focused on a crime. Meanwhile, Syed's case is moving through the appeals process.

Listen to the newest episode below.

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