'Serial': Jay's First Interview Causes Backlash From Fans

Sarah Koenig - H 2014
Meredith Heuer

Sarah Koenig - H 2014

His interview raises more questions than answers for devotees of the popular podcast

Jay Wilds, the key witness in the murder trial featured on the podcast Serial, finally gave his first interview -- and now the podcast's fans are questioning his account of what happened the day he says Adnan Syed killed Hae Min Lee.

Wilds' interview with The Intercept provided yet another timeline and version of events from Jay, whose inconsistencies from his first few retellings were a focus of host Sarah Koenig's investigation. Rabia Chaudry, the woman who first brought Syed's story to Koenig, spoke out on Twitter to say this newest story could actually help Syed's case.

She called out the parts of Jay's story that changed, including where he first saw Lee's body and the details of her burial.

Chaudry wasn't the only one pointing out where Jay's story didn't line up with his previous testimony. Reddit users, including psychpathic_rhino and A_mellifera, chatted about the various details in his interview. 

On Twitter, reactions were split. Some people expressed their confusion at the inconsistencies, while others believed Jay's explanation about why his story keeps changing.

The Intercept said that at least one other interview with Jay will be released, so here's hoping fans will get more clarity in the next part of the conversation.