Serial killer Pickton pic on Barna-Alper slate


TORONTO -- Canadian producer Barna-Alper Prods.  Friday said it is developing a TV movie about Robert Pickton, Canada's most notorious serial killer, for the CTV network.

Loren Mawhinney, vp of programming at Toronto-based Barna-Alper, said the producer has optioned a book on Pickton by veteran investigative journalist Stevie Cameron titled "Pig Farm" and has hired Peter Mitchell ("Cold Squad") to do a screenplay.

Pickton's on-going trial in Vancouver for the murder of six women has drawn extensive international press coverage. The womens' partial remains were discovered on his farm, but Pickton denies murdering them.

Pickton's trial, set to move into its fifth day Monday, has so far heard evidence that he allegedly brought the women to a pig farm he ran in suburban Vancouver, where they were tortured and murdered.

Vancouver police believe Pickton may be responsible for the disapparance and possible murder of as many as 50 women from a seedy part of downtown Vancouver during the late 1990s.

Mawhinney estimates that the telefilm could go to air next year, though she could not be precise, as Pickton's trial is expected to be lengthy.