'Serial': Six Questions the Season Finale Will Hopefully Answer

Sarah Koenig - H 2014
Meredith Heuer

Sarah Koenig - H 2014

Please answer these SK!

Who really killed Hae Min Lee? Was it Adnan Syed or someone else? That answer is not at all likely to be revealed on Thursday's season finale of Serial. However, there are still a host of unanswered questions Sarah Koenig can ask as she brings the true story of the Baltimore murder to an end on the popular podcast.

Here's a wish list for what will hopefully be answered, please feel free to add your own questions in the comments!

1. What is the deal with Don? He was her boyfriend when Hae was killed, but we don't have a lot of details about him. He apparently had a "solid alibi," since he was at work the day Hae went missing. But if the time of her death is not 100% certain, does that affect his alibi? Don apparently did not want to be interviewed for the podcast, which means Koenig can't ask him for insight about Hae during that time period or question what he thought of Hae and Adnan's relationship. Still, how much Adnan/Don overlap was there in terms of their relationship with Hae?

2. What, if anything, did the Innocence Project find when they looked into the case and focused on the forensic evidence?

3. Did Hae mention Jay in her diary? Did they ever have any kind of relationship where it would make sense for them to meet without Adnan?

4. Are we ever going to get the context around this clip that was played in the first episode? "Basically threatened me, like, 'You know what happened to Hae. This is what's going to happen to you.'"

5. Were Jay and Jenn really just friends or something more? Was he cheating on his girlfriend Stephanie? And what was going on with Stephanie and Adnan for that matter?

6. Was that little girl coached into saying Mail Kimp? Seriously. 

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