'Serial' Subject's Family Gives First Interview Since 1999

Rahman Syed, Yusuf Syed

The mother and brother of convicted murderer Adnan Syed sit down with 'CBS This Morning' to discuss the popular podcast

The family of the convicted murderer around whom the popular podcast Serial is based gave their first television interview since 1999 to CBS This Morning, which aired on Thursday.

Rahman Syed and Yusuf Syed, the mother and younger brother of Adnan Syed, sat down with CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford to assert Syed's innocence and discuss the real-life crime series based on his story.

Serial is the brainchild of journalist Sarah Koenig and attracts 1.26 million listeners every Thursday, as The Hollywood Reporter has noted, including Syed's mother and brother.

Yusuf Syed said his reactions to the series so far have been mixed.

"I wake up as soon as they put it on," Yusuf Syed said. "And then I will listen to it. It's different. Some days I will be like, 'Oh this is a really great episode,' and some days I'll feel so down and depressed."

Watch the entire CBS This Morning interview, below.

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