'Serial' Will Air on BBC

Sarah Koenig - H 2014
Meredith Heuer

Sarah Koenig - H 2014

The popular podcast will air on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Dec. 7

Serial, the most popular podcast in the world, is heading to British airwaves.

BBC Radio 4 Extra will start airing the true crime podcast on Dec. 7 at 9 p.m. The station will then broadcast daily episodes until the show catches up with the season's finale, which will be released on the same day internationally. 

“We know we already have tons of Serial listeners in the U.K., but we love that the BBC will help us reach many, many more than we ever could with podcast alone," said Ira Glass, the editorial advisor for Serial. This is the first-ever radio broadcast for the series.

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The weekly podcast follows journalist Sarah Koenig's investigation of high schooler Hae Min Lee's murder in Baltimore in 1999. Her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was convicted of first-degree murder for the crime, and Koenig's investigation questions whether or not this was a wrongful conviction.

The show, created from the makers of This American Life, will return for a second season.