'Sesame Street' Introduces Character With Autism

'Sesame Street' Julia - Screengrab - H 2017
YouTube screengrab

Julia joins the main cast of muppets in April.

Say hello to Julia. 

Sesame Street's newest muppet is also the first to have autism. Introduced as a digital-only animated character in 2015, Julia will fully join the long-running show in April.

Julia made an appearance 60 Minutes' behind-the-scenes look at all things Sesame Street on Sunday night, and also debuted on the show's YouTube channel (see below). 

Christine Ferraro, a Sesame Street writer, told 60 Minutes that Julia is meant to expose the show's young viewers to children with autistic traits. In Julia's first appearance, Big Bird and others will attempt to welcome and shake hands with her but come to realize that Julia's reluctance isn't rudeness, rather a teaching moment into what autism is.