'Sesame Street' Revisits James Gandolfini's Charming Guest Role (Video)

Gandolfini Sesame Street - P 2013

Gandolfini Sesame Street - P 2013

The late actor appeared on the children's show in 2002 to comfort a frightened Muppet.

James Gandolfini made a career out of playing tough guys, but he showed a gentler side during an appearance on Sesame Street.

In honor of the late actor, who died of an apparent heart attack in Italy on Wednesday, June 19, the official Sesame Street YouTube page posted a clip from Gandolfini's 2002 appearance on the show.

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In the episode, Gandolfini talked to the Muppet Zoe about being afraid.

“I know what it’s like to be scared. Everyone gets scared sometimes,” he said. “There are three things that scare me, Zoe.”

What were those three things?

First, the dark -- but luckily he had a teddy bear and a night light to make him “feel better.” He also said he was afraid of haircuts, but added the barber always gives him a lollipop to feel better. Finally, he admitted to being afraid of “giant talking vegetables.”

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“But luckily I’ve never seen one of those,” Gandolfini said, just before a giant broccoli walked by. Fortunately, Zoe was there to give him a hug and make him feel better.

Watch the video below.