On the Set: '30 Rock'

22 FEA 30 ROCK Tina Fey Lede
David Strick

Fey pauses outside Liz Lemon's office in "30 Rock's" Silvercup Studios during a rehearsal for the fifth-season finale, "Respawn." The Emmy winner jokes that her favorite way of escaping the chaos of filming is inspired by "The Shawshank Redemption." 

Hidden pregnancies, spooning sessions and sighs of relief over another season wrapped: THR was there for the finale shoot of creator Tina Fey's Emmy-winning NBC comedy.

Ask a 30 Rocker to pick their favorite line from the show's fifth-season finale and the answers are as varied as the episode's sprawling plotlines (Liz escapes to the Hamptons; a lonely Jack Donaghy turns to Kenneth for cuddle time; the TGS writing staff plays a marathon game of Halo). "When Will Forte said to Jane Krakowski, 'I hate to be the stereotypical man, but this is my home and I want to wear this blouse!' " says Don Scardino, director of the finale, which filmed at Silvercup Studios in Queens, N.Y., on March 23 and aired May 5. Jack McBrayer, who plays Kenneth the NBC page, opts for a Tracy Jordan-Liz Lemon exchange: " 'After all I've done for you? How many times have I come over to paint your apartment?' and Liz says: 'Three. And stop doing that!' " For Krakowski, who was pregnant with her first child throughout the season, "It's every line that Dr. Spaceman says: 'Now that the Popsicle is melted, we have a tongue depressor.' " Speaking of babies, creator-star Tina Fey was three months into her second pregnancy (with her husband, 30 Rock producer and theme composer Jeff Richmond) when the finale was shot. Amid the demands of wrapping Season 5, finishing her book, Bossypants, and prepping for baby No. 2, Fey reflects on an even bigger achievement. "It feels good to have provided a workplace for 200 people for this long," she says.