On the Set: 'Justified'

David Strick

Olyphant chatted with crewmembers during a lighting readjustment for an interior scene in the Season 2 finale, "Bloody Harlan." 

Murder, suicide, shootouts: Behind the scenes as the FX drama wraps a killer second season.

That's a goodbye to Jeremy Davies for the season, everyone!" Roughly 29 miles north of Los Angeles amid the lush green hills of the famed Disney Ranch, a dozen or so crewmembers and talent clap as Davies was wrapped for the season finale shoot on March 14. (The episode aired May 4.) Davies, who played redneck freak Dickie Bennett with inspired creepiness throughout Season 2, hugged his onscreen mom, actress Margo Martindale, who moments later filmed her own -- permanently -- final scene as Mags Bennett. (She died from her own poison-swilling hand.) By all accounts, ending the beloved actress' arc as Harlan County's nastiest crime lord was painful for all; producer-star Timothy Olyphant called her "as good as it gets." But Martindale was nothing but grateful for the run. "The emotions took me by surprise," she said. "I realized how it hard it was to say goodbye to this woman I'd grown to love."