Seth MacFarlane Hosts Oceana's Star-Studded "A Concert for Our Oceans"

Katherine McPhee A Concert For Our Oceans 2 - H 2015
Sthanlee Mirador/Sipa USA/AP

"Our oceans — they affect so much," said 'Scorpion' actress Katharine McPhee, who also performed at Monday's event.

Stars gathered at the intimate setting of Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on Oceana’s blue carpet Monday night for "A Concert for Our Oceans." The concert event, hosted by Seth MacFarlane, featured the Blue Oceans Orchestra along with musical performances by Kesha, Kristen Bell, Katharine McPhee and more.

“Oceana, specifically, is a very amazing organization. It does so much for our environment, our wildlife and our oceans. Our oceans — they affect so much. It’s not just the pretty beaches,” McPhee said.

Oceana is the largest international organization solely dedicated to ocean conservation. Actors and musicians showed their appreciation for the ocean, voicing their support of environmental conservation, and why they support Oceana. Many have spent time inside and out of the ocean to recognize and understand the importance of keeping the world’s oceans pure for generations to come.

"Scuba diving is what prompted me to become involved in environmental issues because when I saw the dead coral reef, I recognized, like everyone who sees it does, it’s not natural, and it’s not normal, and it’s happening because of practices that we have effects on,” said NYPD Blue’s Sharon Lawrence, who also performed.

Lawrence isn’t the only one who acknowledges the human impact on oceans. Sam Waterston, who is also a board member of Oceana, said, “[Oceans] are a world of promise for human beings. It’s a potential eternal supply of protein — a good protein meal a day for a billion people for the rest of time — if it’s properly managed. It’s a problem human beings have created, and it’s entirely within our means to do something about it.”

How can everyone work together to save the environment? “Get out of your car as much as you can. If it’s available to you, take public transportation. Ride a bike … walk,” said Ed Begley Jr. “Spend one day a week getting out of your car, cut down on fuel use and pollution. That’s one good thing you can do for the environment now.”

Once Upon a Time actor Eion Bailey explained that he has spent his entire life connecting with the ocean. "I feel a part of the ocean," Bailey said. "I have grown up in it, I was born next to it, I spent my entire life in and out of it. I feel at home in it, alive."