Seth MacFarlane Jumps on John Miller Report, Says Trump Also Voices Stewie on 'Family Guy'

Stewie - H 2016
Fox / Getty Images

The Internet had a blast with the GOP presidential candidate and John Miller.

What the deuce?

It didn't take long for a multitude of celebrities to weigh in on a story run by the Washington Post that stated Donald Trump allegedly acted as his own publicist in order to fawn over himself during a 1991 interview. 

The newspaper accused the presumptive GOP presidential nominee of being John Miller, a person who said he was a spokesman for Trump during that interview. 

The jokes were flying all day and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane just couldn't help himself. 

"Probably time to come clean with this — Donald Trump is also the voice of Stewie," MacFarlane tweeted Friday night. 

Earlier Friday, Trump denied that he was the person on the tape going by the name of Miller. 

“No, I don’t think it — I don’t know anything about it. You’re telling me about it for the first time, and it doesn’t sound like my voice at all,” Trump said on the Today show. “I have many, many people that are trying to imitate my voice, and you can imagine that, and this sounds like one of the scams, one of the many scams — doesn’t sound like me.”