Seth MacFarlane Rallies Hundreds of Bernie Sanders Supporters at Hollywood Fundraiser

Seth Macfarlane - P 2014
AP Images/Invision

Seth Macfarlane - P 2014

Sanders was met by an enthusiastic crowd at the Avalon nightclub, where supporters paid $25 per ticket to hear the Democratic candidate's call for a "political revolution."

Fresh from his strong performance at the Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd at Hollywood's historic Avalon nightclub, where hundreds of people lined up for the $25-per-ticket fundraiser hosted by Seth MacFarlane.

The Family Guy creator joked earlier on Twitter that while “we Hollywood liberals can be self-righteous, insufferable meatheads” he believes that Sanders would make “an A-plus president.” MacFarlane took the podium in front of a giant American flag as the emcee of a rally for Sanders supporters who were clearly “feeling the Bern.”

“Let me begin by telling you what a revolution is all about,” said Sanders, prompting a roar of applause from the crowd. One of his supporters tweeted: “I was Ready for Hillary until Bernie decided to run for president.”

Since Sanders made his first Hollywood appearances at fundraisers for his campaign in June, his support has continued to build among industry super-liberals, among them Sarah Silverman, Neil Young, Mimi Kennedy and Mark Ruffalo.

“Who is paying for Bernie's Campaign,” Ruffalo asked his fans on Twitter. “The people of the USA not the 156 richest families in the USA.”

Maribeth Monroe, who plays Alice on Comedy Central's Workaholics, tweeted her approval of Sanders' appearance from the “nose bleed seats” at the Avalon on Wednesday. “Ok, senator. I'm ready to hear some revolution.” Then later: "You killed it."

Sanders was also in town on Wednesday for an appearance on The Ellen Show. DeGeneres posted a Twitter video of the senator dancing backstage. “Bernie Sanders is ready for his entrance,” she wrote.