Seth Meyers Calls Out Ted Cruz on Climate Change: "The World is On Fire, Literally"

Ted Cruz on Seth Meyers - H 2015

Ted Cruz talks to the late night host about climate change, gay marriage and why he didn't really scare a little girl about the world being on fire.

Seth Meyers spoke with Ted Cruz about a host of political subjects on Tuesday's show. Meyers brought up the recent viral video of Cruz at a New Hampshire event, where he said the world was on fire, and a little girl believed him.

Cruz defended himself against media allegations that he scared the little girl, explaining that she now thinks of him as a fireman. After mocking his poor use of metaphors, Meyers turned Cruz's quote into an opportunity to talk about climate change. 

"First I got excited because I thought that maybe you were coming around on global warming," said Meyers. "But that's not the case right? Because I think the world is on fire, literally — it's the hottest year on record."

Cruz replied that science doesn't back up global warming "alarmists" and that he just returned from New Hampshire where there was snow on the ground. The duo also talked about Obamacare and Cruz' stance against same-sex marriage — watch below.