Seth Meyers Blasts Trump for Being "a Threat to Public Health"

Seth Meyers from Late Night March 26, 2020- NBC Publicity-H 2020
Courtesy of NBC

"This guy is so insecure and self-obsessed, he demands constant praise and validation simply for doing the bare minimum," Meyers said during Thursday's "Closer Look" segment on 'Late Night.'

Seth Meyers took aim at how President Donald Trump is handling the coronavirus pandemic during his "Closer Look" segment on Thursday's episode of Late Night.

The NBC host began by stating that Trump views everything as a transaction and asks what he can personally gain from each situation. "It's what he asked when they offered him The Apprentice, and it was what he asked when Eric was born," said Meyers. After impersonating Trump asking what he got out of Eric's birth, he added, "Even the doctor was like, 'Oh, literally nothing.'"

After noting that Trump's impeachment felt like "307 years ago," he said that discussing it "feels like going to RadioShack to pick up a Walkman to listen to the new Tears for Fears album."

"It feels impossible to remember this now, but the federal response to a deadly and highly infectious global pandemic is being overseen by a president who was impeached less than four months ago for trying to use foreign aid to a war-torn country to benefit himself politically," said Meyers.

The host next discussed Trump lashing out at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after he criticized the president for not sending the state enough ventilators from the federal stockpile, though Trump claimed "the governors had to earn help from the federal government by being nice to him."

Clips followed of Trump stating that governors have to treat him well in order to receive his help. "No they don't. It's your job," responded Meyers. "They don’t owe you anything for you doing your job. States don't pay tribute to the president."

"This guy is so insecure and self-obsessed, he demands constant praise and validation simply for doing the bare minimum," he continued. "Imagine being America's dumbest person somehow getting the highest office in the land and still thinking you're owed something."

Meyers said that "the president is supposed to be a public trust" that is able to "distinguish between your own personal interests and the duties of the office." He noted that every president has benefited personally from being in office, though Trump has taken it "to an insane level."

"He pathologically is incapable of grasping anything other than his own survival," he said.

News coverage followed of reporters stating that Trump has had a hard time adjusting to social distancing. "We're all stuck inside. Why don't you just do what we're all doing and put on your sweatpants, watch four episodes of Tiger King, try to do an online workout, give up and just drink wine out of a cereal bowl until you pass out," said Meyers. "You're not the only one being inconvenienced."

After noting that he used to film Late Night in a studio with a live audience, Meyers joked about his own struggles of working from home. "I'm here in my house trying to get my dog to laugh at my jokes," he said. "I got people on Twitter telling me I'm worse at YouTube videos than their teenage daughters. Well, no shit. I'm 46, which probably won't surprise you now that you see what I look like when I'm doing my own makeup."

He added, "Teenage girls are great at YouTube and I know because I spent half the day watching makeup tutorials on how not to look like a ghost in a bookstore."

CNN reported that Trump is "so bored" that he's been attending meetings. "So the answer to the riddle, 'How do you get a president to go to a meeting?' is a fucking pandemic," said Meyers.

The host joked that meetings with Trump have to be altered to meet his interests, including topics like "Coronavirus: Did Obama start it alone or did Hillary help?"

Meyers later discussed Trump's claims that the media is overplaying the pandemic to ruin his chances of being reelected in the 2020 election. "If you think it's all a conspiracy, then why don't you go outside and ask a bunch of people to cough on you? Just go out onto the streets of D.C. with a mic and give people a dollar to cough on you," he suggested. "You can call it 'Bully on the Street.'"

A following clip showed Trump lecturing a reporter after she told him that experts have said the country should not reopen by Easter. "Why the hell are we still airing these things? He's not saying anything valuable," said Meyers.

"The president is a threat to public health. He's incapable of distinguishing between his own personal interests and the duties of his office and he uses his daily platform on national TV to spread misinformation and air petty grievances," concluded Meyers.

Watch the full segment below.