Seth Meyers Calls Trump's Plan to Reopen Country by Easter "Sociopathic Governance"

Seth Meyers NBC - Late Night March 25 2020 - NBC Publicity - H 2020
Courtesy of NBC

"Trump has always cared more about the stock market than the public health crisis," the 'Late Night' host said during Wednesday's "Closer Look" segment.

Seth Meyers criticized President Donald Trump's plans for the country to reopen businesses by Easter during Wednesday's episode of Late Night.

The host took a deep dive into the way the president is handling the pandemic during his latest "Closer Look" segment.

"Trump has always cared more about the stock market than the public health crisis," said Meyers. "He sees the stock market as key to his personal political fortune, so now he's talking about lifting the public health restrictions and opening the public back up by Easter."

A clip followed of Trump on Fox News declaring that the country would be back to normal by Easter because "it's such an important day for other reasons, but I'll make it an important day for this, too." He was later asked to clarify his comments and said it was "a beautiful timeline."

"So you just came up with that yourself? You're literally onstage with multiple doctors and you decided to cede the decision to this guy?" asked Meyers as the Easter Bunny appeared onscreen. "Don't just pull dates out of your ass."

"For one thing, that is unsanitary and you should wash your hands all the time," said Meyers. "And two, don't ruin Easter. You're terrible at Easter. Every year you give a rambling speech to the children at the White House Easter Egg Roll with that shocked Easter Bunny standing next to you."

The host next criticized Trump for stating that he hoped churches are full on Easter. "Your plan to deal with a very contagious disease is to pack as many people as possible into enclosed spaces, have them touch their faces and drink out of the same cup?" he said. "That's not even a great idea when there isn't a pandemic. It's almost like he's trying to get as many people sick as he possibly can."

Earlier in the segment, Meyers called out Trump for previously stating that the coronavirus would disappear. Clips followed of the president repeatedly saying that "it's going to disappear one day. It's like a miracle."

"He sounds like he's doing affirmations in a mirror. It's like an eighth grader trying to get psyched up for a school dance," said Meyers. "'Yes, you have a huge zit right now, but one day it will disappear like a miracle!'"

"The last person any of us should trust on miracles is Donald Trump. I doubt he could name one actual miracle from the Bible," continued Meyers.

The host continued to criticize Trump's plans that people should start working again and return to their normal schedules before the pandemic is over. "Trump has no moral conscience. He's a racist New York City landlord and casino owner. Having a moral conscience is disqualifying," he said.

The host added that many right-wing CEOs and economic advisers are encouraging Trump to put "profits over lives" by "letting some people die in order to save the economy." Meyers noted that one person who has been outspoken about returning to work in order to save the economy is Glenn Beck.

"I can't believe these psychos are saying old people would rather die than sit inside and watch Netflix for a few weeks," said Meyers. "You're boomers! You're supposed to love TV. Watching TV, that's what you love. CBS needs to run an emergency marathon of Blue Bloods."

"Maybe what happened here is a bunch of rich people realized that in order to both save lives and protect the economy, they'd have to redistribute some wealth to working people and that was intolerable to them," continued Meyers. "There's a third option here. We can keep people home to save lives and give them money to get through the crisis."

Meyers concluded the segment by reflecting on the "extremely dangerous moment" we're experiencing because Trump and a "reckless ruling class" are trying to "prematurely end the fight against a dangerous pandemic because their stock portfolios are taking a hit." The host added, "This is sociopathic governance."

Watch the full segment below.