Seth Meyers Plays Donald Trump in Fake 'Chicago President' Scene

Seth Meyers as Donald Trump — H 2016

"I'm going to build a better future in Vietnam, and I'm going to make the Vietnamese pay for it," the 'Late Night' host (as Trump) said of the GOP presidential candidate's past plans to serve in Vietnam before he learned he had a foot injury.

On Tuesday's Late Night, Seth Meyers continued his campaign to get Donald Trump to star in his fictional NBC series Chicago President, rather than continue to campaign for the real presidency.

This time, Meyers sweetened the offer by saying NBC can offer him a $410,000 salary, which would be $10,000 more than his salary as the real president of the United States. The host reiterated his suspicious that Trump isn't releasing his tax returns because he's completely broke and offered this increased salary as a solution.

Plus, there are other bonuses to the fictional series. "It will have flashbacks that show how great you always were," said Meyers. He pointed out that some people might think Trump faked a foot injury to get out of serving in Vietnam, since he was asked which foot his bone spur was in and he said he doesn't remember. "But on Chicago President we can set the record straight," offered Meyers.

Meyers then donned a Trump-like wig and read a scene from Chicago President. It takes place in 1968, when Trump was told he wouldn't be able to fight in Vietnam.

"I'm going to build a better future in Vietnam, and I'm going to make the Vietnamese pay for it," said Meyers as young Trump. He is told he can't, because of the bone spurs in his feet.

“I wanted to sacrifice for my country," said Meyers as Trump. The doctor insists that "surely there are other ways to sacrifice."

"I will dedicate my life to that sacrifice,” added Meyers' Trump. “I will build buildings and put my name on them. I will become incredibly rich and buy nice things for myself. You know, sacrifice.”

Then, after a discussion about Trump's incredibly normal-sized hands, he leaves. The doctor then reveals to the nurse the true reason Trump isn't medically fit to serve in Vietnam.