Seth Meyers Changes the Terms of His 'Chicago President' Offer to Donald Trump

Late Night with Seth Meyers-Chicago President Update YOUTUBE - Screen Shot-H 2016
Courtesy of Late Night with Seth Meyers

Donald Trump has been demoted to vice president in his fake TV show offer.

Seth Meyers does not appreciate Donald Trump waiting so long to take his offer to drop out of the presidential race and instead star in an NBC show called Chicago President. Meyers' solution? He bought Trump's book Art of the Deal and learned how to negotiate.

"What I realized after reading it is that leverage is key in a negotiation, and I realized that right now I have all the leverage," said Meyers, explaining that this was because Trump has gone from being close in the polls to trailing way behind.

"We are now decreasing our original offer," Meyers said, addressing Trump. "If you drop out right now, NBC will only offer you a six-episode series for $200,000 where you would play the vice president to — and I know you're not going to like this — President Chris Christie."

Meyers said it breaks his heart but that it could get even worse for Trump if he doesn't accept the offer. "You're tied in Georgia, Donald. Georgia." 

The Chris Christie president show will also be entirely in Spanish. Meyers said that if Trump keeps performing badly in the election, the offer will be for a role as a White House janitor on Taxi TV, the content that plays on the screens in the back of New York City taxi cabs.