Seth Meyers Grills Kellyanne Conway on "Concerning" Russia Reports About Trump

Lloyd Bishop/NBC
Kellyanne Conway

The late-night host received the news just before going on air Tuesday.

Kellyanne Conway found herself in the hot seat on late-night TV on Tuesday.

Late Night's Seth Meyers interviewed Conway tonight, just after news broke that intelligence officials briefed Donald Trump and President Barack Obama about allegations that Russia has "compromising" information about the president-elect.

Conway told the host that "nobody has sourced it" yet, which was her concern, and that the FBI still is confirming the reports.

According to those reports, top intelligence officials told Trump and Obama about an unsubstantiated report claiming Russia had compromising personal and financial information about Trump. The report's most graphic allegation details how, in Moscow, Trump supposedly witnessed prostitutes perform "golden showers" for him at The Ritz-Carlton hotel, on a bed where Obama and his wife had stayed during one of their trips to Russia.

"As an American citizen," added Conway, "we should be concerned that intelligence officials leaked [this report] to the press," but Meyers reminded her that the press was reporting about Trump being briefed on the issue.

Meyers added that he understood that Trump was briefed on it.

"He has said that he is not aware of that," said Conway.

"That concerns me," joked Meyers.

When Conway told him that part wasn't true, Meyers told her, "What is not true, that I'm concerned? I assure you I am."

Watch the interview below.