Seth Meyers: Hillary Clinton's Confused Emails About Tech Prove "She's Not Edward Snowden"

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Hillary Clinton

"I-Pad Questions: Do I need to charge it? if so, how? I have no cords."

Beyond Donald Trump's rally rants, the other political joke that keeps on giving for late-night hosts is the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's private email use while serving as secretary of state.

"Republicans have been investigating the emails in hopes they'll reveal more information about a Benghazi cover-up, and while there is no information about that so far, the emails do reveal something about Hillary: she is not tech-savvy," noted Seth Meyers on Tuesday night's Late Night With Seth Meyers.

The segment then zoomed in on her correspondence to aids about her iPad (spelled "I-Pad," of which she asked, "Do I need to charge it? if so, how? I have no cords.") and the lack of information available online ("Can you give me times for two TV shows: 'Parks and Recreation' and 'The Good Wife.'").

"If Clinton's elected president, it's essential she's not allowed near anything with buttons," Meyers joked, before noting her emails about meeting confusion at the White House.

However, her aids aren't exactly updated on the latest technology either — especially when it comes to "twittering."

Ultimately, Meyers noted, "this all proves she's not running an email conspiracy. She's not Edward Snowden; she's more like Betty White."

Watch the video below.