Seth Meyers on Hosting in the Fast-Moving Trump Era: "You Have to Be Agile"

"I'm betting what we're talking about tonight hasn't even happened yet," the 'Late Night' host said at a conference on Thursday.

At a conference hosted by CNN on Thursday morning, Late Night host Seth Meyers assured the audience that he wasn't sacrificing the night's show by appearing for an interview with Jake Tapper.

"I'm betting what we're talking about tonight hasn't even happened yet," he said. "You think the biggest news of the day has happened? All right."

Asked by Tapper how he handles the fast pace of the news cycle during Donald Trump's presidency, Meyers said, "You just try to be agile and react as it happens, and it makes it a very exciting place to work, and it's a weird time to do it."

Meyers said the Trump presidency has provided an ample supply of material for his show. "When we started my show, my biggest fear was 'Are we going to fill an hour?'" he said. "You can report the news as a setup to the joke all the time now."

The SNL alumnus spoke with Tapper at CNN's Citizen conference about how quickly material produced for his NBC show can go bad, considering how frequently and quickly Trump administration officials are pushed out.

Meyers said it's important to note when a segment was filmed. "The world is a very different place," he said.

He also discussed the concept of balance and said he doesn't feel obligated to counter factual statements. "We think we need to be fair," he said. "'Fair' just means you state things truly."

Tapper told the audience that his fellow news anchors get flak for simply reporting the news these days. "We get accused of being negative about President Trump by just stating facts about President Trump," he said.