Seth Meyers Imagines Alternative Thanksgiving Parade with Lost Tourists, Sick Commuters, "Rent is Too Damn High" Guy

The P.C. Richard & Son-hosted late-night event, Meyers joked, features a number of familiar New York personalities.

This morning the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade wound its way through midtown Manhattan. The NBC-broadcasted event featured Mariah Carey, a performance from NBC's upcoming The Wiz Live! and various floats of cartoon characters, among other attractions.

But on Wednesday night, Seth Meyers joked that there's a second, late-night parade put on by electronics and appliance store P.C. Richard & Son, that "celebrates the alternative and weird things about New York."

Indeed, the P.C. Richard & Son parade, according to the fake promo for the NY1-airing event, features a number of familiar New York personalities.

The promo video, which Meyers' Late Night aired, introduced a number of the parade's "stars," including "Bob from Bob's Discount Mattress Store bouncing on a queen-sized bed"; Talk Stoop host Cat Greenleaf interviewing "Rent Is Too Damn High" politician, Jimmy McMillan; bed-bug-sniffing dog, Roscoe; and lost German tourists, "looking around confused."

Other parade highlights include "the F train showtime dancers performing for a terrified family from Wisconsin, … the legendary MTA coughing choir, a group of sick commuters who cough Christmas carols" and New York dermatologist Dr. Zizmor, known for his subway ads.

Watch the video below to see the other parade attractions.

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