Seth Meyers Mocks Trump's Inauguration Crowds, "Alternative Facts"

Screengrab/Late Night with Seth Meyers

“More like inUGHuration," Meyers joked on Monday's 'Late Night.'

NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers missed out on plenty of news over the weekend, so he returned on Monday with a segment about Donald Trump's inauguration, the Women's March and Kellyanne Conway's "alternative facts." 

During "A Closer Look," Meyers examined both Friday's inauguration events and Saturday's marches around the world. Thousands of demonstrators took part in the Women's March, even in Antarctica, according to news reports. 

“Imagine being so disliked that people are willing to go outside and protest you in Antarctica," joked Meyers. "That’s like if you climbed Mount Everest and when you got to the top there was a guy standing there booing you.”

With such a low approval rating, Meyers said, “you’d think he might use his inaugural address to unite the country and provide an uplifting version of the future. Instead, he opted for a nightmarish, dystopian hellscape.”

Showing Trump’s speech, highlighting the new president's comments on “American carnage” and "decay,” Meyers responded, “Geez. More like inUGHuration," winking at the crowd to big laughs.

“So just to clarify, Ronald Reagan said it’s morning in America, but Trump is saying it’s morning in America, but like, early morning, when you wake up hung over in a cold sweat and you realize you’re in Thailand and there’s a dead body in the bed next to you and the only sound you hear is cops banging on your door and all you can think is what the f— is happening? It’s that kind of morning.”

Comparing the crowds of Obama’s inauguration versus the slightly “thinner” audience for Trump, Meyers said, “They look like shots from a Billy Joel concert before and after he plays ‘Piano Man.’ ”

As for Trump’s complaint that TV networks were misrepresenting the crowds, Meyers had another idea of how the networks should have covered the inauguration speech and subsequent events. 

"He’s right. Why did they show a field where they was nobody standing when they could have shown the stands along the inaugural parade route…where there was also nobody standing?” he asked. “Look at how empty those bleachers are! There were more people in the bleachers during 'Summer Lovin.’ ”

“The only reason this is a story is that Trump insists on lying about it,” Meyers added, also referring to press secretary Sean Spicer’s news conference on Monday in which he “disputed what everyone saw with his own eyes.”

“Of course, there are lots of ways to fact check Spicer’s obvious lies, but you may have noticed that he disproved his own lie in a matter of seconds," Meyers pointed out about Spicer’s claim that no accurate numbers are available for the inauguration crowd, even as he promised that this was “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration.”

“Trump continues to lie about provable and obvious facts,” Meyers concluded, with Trump’s administration now “coining new terms to defend their lies.”

Kellyanne Conway told Meet the Press that Spicer “gave alternative facts” about the idea that the inauguration crowd was the biggest in history, something that Chuck Todd called a "provable falsehood." 

“Kellyanne Conway is like someone trying to do the Jedi mind trick after only a week of Jedi training,” Meyers joked.  

Watch the segment below.