Seth Meyers Jokes About Hillary Clinton Plagiarism, Obama's Netflix Comedy Special

Obama Netflix Comedy Fake Special Screenshot H 2016
Screenshot/Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube

The 'Late Night' host also pointed out how a young member of Tim Kaine's family was caught on his phone during the vice presidential candidate's speech.

Seth Meyers had jokes for everyone in his "Closer Look" at the DNC and Hillary Clinton accepting the nomination on Thursday. 

He enjoyed Obama's Donald Trump digs from Wednesday night. "Something tells me even if Trump loses, Obama enjoys roasting him too much to just stop," said Meyers. "He'll probably go on the road and take his best material with him."

"I'm looking forward to his Netflix comedy special," said Meyers, flashing to a fake mockup of a Netflix page with an Obama comedy special entitled "Miss Me Yet?"

Meanwhile, Meyers compared fellow Wednesday night speaker Tim Kaine, smiling after his Trump impression, to "a dad who's just told a joke to his daughter's friends."

"Kaine's dry demeanor and dad jokes made you want to start looking at your phone, which is exactly what a young member of his family did," said the Late Night host. He showed video of a young man typing on his phone during Kaine's speech, and then showed a clip of the boy getting caught by someone else in the audience.

"I was just texting how great I thought his Trump was," joked Meyers.

Moving on to Hillary Clinton, Meyers said of her historic speech last night, "Much like the best speeches in her career, it was fine," said Meyers. He then called out Bernie Sanders for looking glum when Clinton thanked him.

One thing Meyers wanted everyone to know — Clinton's speech was "marred" by plagiarism. He played his intro to his "Closer Look" segment followed by a sentence in Clinton's speech when she says "Let's take a closer look."

On Thursday, Meyers also took time out of his show to ridicule Trump for not releasing his tax returns.

He said he knows the real reason why Trump won't release them. Addressing Trump he said, "I think you're broke."

He continued on about Trump not having any money and said Trump is only running for president because he needs the salary.

"I think if you do win your first question will be, 'Do I get that in a lump sum or is it installments?'"