Seth Meyers Parodies 'Making a Murderer'

Making a Talk Show Host - Late Night with Seth Meyers  - H 2016
Courtesy of NBC/YouTube

The host spoofed the popular Netflix documentary series on Monday.

Seth Meyers jumped on the Making a Murderer bandwagon on Monday.

The host spoofed the popular Netflix documentary series with "Making a Talk Show Host." In the parody, Meyers is told he's "gotta come back" after his winter hiatus. A NBC staffer calls him and says, "They don't got no more reruns."

“Supposin’ I don’t want to come back?” says Meyers in a Wisconsin accent, as photos of him are shown on the screen, in a similar style to the Making a Murderer introduction with Steven Avery.

Avery was convicted of sexual assault and then exonerated after 18 years. Two years after his release, he was arrested for murder.

Daily Show host Trevor Noah also referenced the documentary on Monday. He said he skipped most of the New Year's Eve celebrations to stay home and watch Making a Murderer. "That show is insane," he proclaimed.