Seth Meyers Responds to Paul Ryan's Email About Health-Care Bit, Invites Speaker on 'Late Night'

"Unlike Republicans and their health-care bill, we actually read the whole email," Meyers said.

Seth Meyers gave the "massively unpopular" American Health Care Act a closer look on Monday's Late Night. After teasing Republicans who dodged a reporter asking them if they had read the entire health-care bill, Meyers turned to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Ryan's office emailed Late Night following a previous segment in which Meyers analyzed the bill and criticized the rushed process in which it was passed.

"Unlike Republicans and their health-care bill, we actually read the whole email," said Meyers, adding that he "genuinely appreciated the engagement" and would love to have Speaker Ryan on the show.

Meyers then responded to the claims in Ryan's email, in which he took issue with Meyers' characterization of the AHCA bill as rushed. The email said, "This bill has been online for a month, went through four House committees, and the only change this week was a simple three-page amendment."

Meyer said this is "misleading for a number of reasons." 

"For one thing, that three-page amendment is the reason a lot of Republicans changed their mind and voted for this bill, so you can’t claim it’s a small change," he explained. "A lot can happen in three pages."

"That’s like saying, 'I made you a cappuccino with hot water, sugar, espresso and one other ingredient,'" he continued. "You would say, 'Well, what’s the other ingredient, Mr. Cosby?'

Meyers had additional critiques for the bill and also truly enjoyed Bernie Sanders' response to President Trump declaring Australia's health care as better than America's.

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