Seth Meyers Quizzes Millennial 'Late Night' Writer on Teddy Ruxpin, PalmPilot, Menendez Brothers

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Karen Chee then turned the tables and tested the host by showing him photos of objects and people that she grew up with.

Seth Meyers quizzed 24-year-old Late Night writer Karen Chee about memorable people and products from his childhood during Tuesday's episode of the late night show.

The host opened the segment by joking that Chee is so young, when she "was still wearing diapers to daycare, I was wearing them on 'Weekend Update."'

After Chee joined Meyers onstage, he explained that he would show her photos of old objects and people to see what she recognized.

The first photo was of a PalmPilot. Chee guessed that the object was an "ancient iPad," "OG Game Boy" and "a pager but with a screen" before Meyers gave her the correct answer. The writer said that she had heard of PalmPilots but didn't know what they looked like.

The second photo was of Liam and Noel Gallagher. Chee joked that they were the stars of "an all male reboot of The Parent Trap," though she was accurately able to guess their identities after Meyers shared their first names. She also shared that "all of my white friends" love Oasis' song "Wonderwall."

Chee said that the next photo appeared to be of a teddy bear. After continuing to make guesses about the toy, Meyers revealed that the bear's name was Teddy Ruxpin "and he talked." Chee responded, "That's horrifying."

Meyers kept the sibling theme going and showed Chee a photo of the Menendez brothers in court. While the two were tried for killing their parents, the host joked that they "were being 'served in court' because they were an Oasis cover band." Meyers then whispered to the audience, "I thought it was easier than telling her. Karen's very young and it would be very jarring if she knew the truth."

The two continued the game as she correctly indentified a picture of Dippin' Dots. Meyers also showed a photo of the fictional dog character Spuds MacKenzie, who was the face of Bud Light in the late '80s. "It was at a time where we all thought it was OK to have things children like sell us beer," said Meyers. "A lot of kids well below the drinking age would wear Spuds MacKenzie T-shirts and stuff."

Chee then showed Meyers photos of objects and people that she grew up with. First up was a still from the show Dragon Tales, which he guessed was called Dragon Time.

Meyers guessed that the following photo was of a skateboard before Chee said that it was called the RipStik. She explained that it was like a skateboard "but much harder" because the person riding the RipStick had to balance while the board moved in two different directions. "You look not cool, but I felt very cool," she said.

Meyers noted that Chee's final photo looked like "an ancient text." He then guessed that it was a map of a school featured in Harry Potter. Chee explained that the image was of the Marauder's Map, which was made by Harry's father and his three friends. While Chee tried to further explain the map, Meyers cut her off and said, "OK, that's great. Thanks, Karen."

Watch the full segment below.