Seth Meyers Jokes About Republicans Dodging Donald Trump

Courtesy of Late Night with Seth Meyers

'Late Night' guest Daniel Radcliffe also talked Trump, recalling the advice the presumptive GOP presidential nominee gave him when he was 11.

Seth Meyers dedicated his "closer look" segment on Monday to Republicans who are "avoiding" Donald Trump.

Meyers mocked Republican politicians who are attempting to dodge questions from the press about Trump's controversial statements as they try to distance themselves from the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. He highlighted that Senator Pat Toomey and Senator Richard Burr both ducked into elevators when asked about Trump recently.

“It’s only a matter of time before Capitol Hill elevators are just jammed with congressional Republicans hiding out until after the election,” said Meyers. “‘What floor?' 'Oh, no floor. I’m just going up and down until Nov. 9.'"

He added, referencing Trump's campaign announcement speech at Trump Tower, "I guess it’s only appropriate that a campaign that began on an escalator ends huddled in an elevator."

The Late Night host said even enthusiastic Trump supporters are toning down their support. "You know it’s bad when Vladimir Putin doesn’t want you damaging his brand," said Meyers.

He also mocked the GOP for "calling in George W. Bush to clean up Trump's mess." Meyers said, "That's like calling in Justin Bieber to cover a Pitbull song."

Meyers brought up the rumors that the GOP is offering to pay Trump $150 million not to run, showing a clip of Trump joking he would consider it for $5 billion.

"It’s a hard no for $150 million, but he will think about it for $5 billion,” Meyers said. “Based on everything I read in ‘The Art of the Deal,’ I’m thinking we could put this thing to bed for $2.2 billion, $2.3 billion, and, I’m being serious, I think we could get Mexico to pay for that.”

Daniel Radcliffe also talked about Trump during his interview with Meyers. He recounted a story of when he was 11 and nervous to go on live television for the first time. While backstage at the Today show, Radcliffe met Trump, who told him to stay calm.

"You just tell them you met Mr. Trump," said Trump. "To this day, I can't even relate to that level of confidence," said Radcliffe, joking about the ego one would need to think that they were interesting enough to be everyone's story.