Seth Meyers Analyzes "Cartoonishly Evil" Senate Trumpcare Bill

The 'Late Night' host said Trump was a "dummy" for revealing he called the bill "mean," adding that the president got "trolled" by Obama.

Seth Meyers declared on Monday's Late Night that the Senate's Trumpcare bill is "almost comically villainous" when looking at the "winners and losers" of the health care proposal.

The latest CBO report says that the Senate health care bill would leave 22 million people without insurance. "The bill is essentially a giant tax cut for the wealthy paid for with Medicaid cuts," Meyers said.

"The only way this bill could be more cartoonishly evil is if it mandated tying damsels in distress onto railroad tracks," he added.

Meyers complimented Obama for trolling Trump by calling the Senate draft of the bill "mean," a term Trump had reportedly used himself. Trump then came forward and took credit for using the term, confirming that he had in fact used that adjective to describe it.

“You dummy,” Meyers said. “You’re not supposed to admit to that. Obama trolled you. You are so easy.”

"If Obama came out tomorrow and said, 'You know, we should kill poor people and use their blood to lubricate our golf carts,' you'd be screaming, 'My idea! I thought of that first, he totally stole that from me, that was my idea,'" said Meyers, laughing at Trump.

Meyers said the bill is even worse than how Trump described it. "This bill is nothing more than a giveaway to wealthy people funded by taking health insurance away from the poor," Meyers said. "It's worse than mean; it's savage."

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