Seth Meyers Skewers Trump's Relationship With "State TV" Fox News

The 'Late Night' host also examined the relationship between Trump and Bill O'Reilly in his "Closer Look."

As advertisers dropped Fox News' O'Reilly Factor amid sexual harassment allegations, President Donald Trump stepped in to defend the TV host, which led Late Night host Seth Meyers to examine a bit more closely the "symbiotic relationship" between Trump, O'Reilly and the news network in his "Closer Look."

"You probably have at least a passing familiarity with Fox News if you've ever visited an elderly relative or gotten drunk at a bar in a small-town Applebee's," he said, introducing the segment, stressing that Fox News is currently very influential, "particularly with one viewer, the president of the United States."

Meyers referred to instances when Trump has tweeted out headlines he had just seen on the network as if they were his own ideas, and his fandom of Fox News overall, going so far as to advertise for the network's shows via his Twitter account.

Meyers summed up the relationship as such: "They give him glowing, unquestioning coverage and in return, he gives them unparalleled access."

"So Fox is basically the closest thing we have to state TV. In fact, the relationship between Trump and Fox News has turned into something of a mutual appreciation society, where they heap praise on one another," Meyers said, pointing to a clip of Trump calling Fox & Friends hosts "very honorable people" during a press conference. 

Meyers transitioned to Bill O'Reilly's current situation, in which advertisers have dropped his show on Fox News after allegations of past sexual harassment resurfaced in a New York Times expose, which also reported that five women claiming to have been harassed or verbally abused by the host received over $13 million in payouts from O'Reilly and the network to keep quiet about the accusations.

"Soon the only advertisers left on his show are going to be Ivanka Trump's clothing line and Steve Bannon's skin worsener," Meyers joked. 

Watch the segment below.