Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert Mock Media for "Salivating" Over Trump's Address to Congress

Seth Meyers Media Fawns Over Trump's New Tone - H 2017

"Like a pair of pants, Trump tried on 'normal' and asked America, 'Does this make my ass look big?'"

On Wednesday night, Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert teased the media for having such a positive response to President Trump's recent speech to Congress.

"The media salivated over the possibility of a more presidential Trump," said Meyers as he introduced his "Closer Look" segment. He joked that when the media narrated Trump practicing his speech in the car, they were speaking as if they were "watching a gorilla at the zoo."

Meyers said Trump lowered the bar so far when it comes to public speaking, he's being treated as successful for being able to sustain a muted tone. Something, Meyers added, "that for any other politician would be considered unremarkable or even a little boring."

Different news networks "obsessed" over Trump's subdued tone, saying it was presidential and that in that moment he became president of the U.S.

"I bet there's some Muslims and undocumented immigrants that would tell you he became president back in f—ing January," said Meyers. He accused the media of having "amnesia," playing clips from April 2016 when pundits said Trump had pivoted and changed his tone.

"The pundits' reviews of last night's speech have demonstrated that despite all of their tangles with the Trump administration and the relentless abuse they've gotten from Trump themselves, there are still many in the media that are desperate to treat him like any other president," said Meyers, showing a montage of clips in which pundits called Trump's speech "normal."

"That's right," Meyers said. "Like a pair of pants, Trump tried on 'normal' and asked America, 'Does this make my ass look big?'"

In his monologue, Stephen Colbert commented on The Washington Post referring to Trump's speech as "surprisingly presidential."

"Always confident when the president surprises you by seeming plausible," said Colbert. He discussed the praise Trump has received for his "shift in tone."

"Yes, he shifted from unhinged narcissist to hinged narcissist," said Colbert. "Here's the thing: Trump may have changed his tone, but that doesn't change the content of what he said."

"The point is just because you act presidential doesn't mean you are," said Colbert.

Colbert's team put together another installment of their "Real News Tonight" fake news segment, featuring two Trump-friendly anchors. "Trump talked the good words from his man mouth, and now everyone loves him," said one of the anchors, with the other chiming in that Trump made all legal citizens "smile bigly."

"He feels warm and safe and the air smells like cookies, and everything will stay that way as long as he doesn't do anything until the 2020 elections," said the first anchor.