Late-Night Hosts Deconstruct "Hurricane Trump's" Press Conference

"He started off by defending the rough start his administration's had by immediately attacking America's true enemy: anybody but him."

President Donald Trump's press conference Thursday was meant to announce Alexander Acosta as his new pick for labor secretary, but, as many late-night hosts noted, things quickly went awry.

Trump shifted focus to the "incredible progress" of his administration thus far, even though, according to him, he "inherited a mess." He then continued to slam the "dishonest" media, claiming "the press should be ashamed of themselves."

During Late Night's "Closer Look" segment on Thursday, Seth Meyers broke down the events of the day, even shredding the night's old script, which was written before the news conference, because Trump then held a "batshit crazy press conference that rendered this script completely meaningless," explained Meyers.

The host addressed Trump's tactics of avoiding questions during press conferences, calling out "the drift-away" move and when he simply pretends to not hear questions he doesn't want to answer.

On Trump's claim during the news conference that he wasn't "ranting and raving," Meyers added: "But again, what president hasn't had to say, 'I'm not ranting and raving'? Who could forget Lincoln's tirade at Gettysburg or FDR's fireside meltdowns and, of course, Ronald Reagan's famously saying, 'Mr. Gorbachev, if you don't tear down this f—ing wall, I'm gonna lose my shit!' "

"Trump offered this pretty racist response," Meyers added when a black reporter asked the president about a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus. "It's racist to assume all black people know each other," said Meyers. "You don't know all orange people. Hey, Donald, can you set up a meeting with Snooki and the Lorax?"

Trevor Noah took a similar approach on The Daily Show. "We had a really nice show planned for you," began Noah. "Then, in the middle of the day, Hurricane Trump happened. Again."

Showing clips of Trump defending himself against the press who say he "rants and raves," Noah said, in his best inebriated Trump impression, "I'm not drunk, you're all drunk. You're all drunk. This is my motherfing house. ... Holy shit!"

Noah mocked Trump for continuing to stand by his incorrect assertion that he won by the biggest electoral-college vote margin since Reagan. He showed the clip of a reporter informing Trump he was wrong and said, "If you can't trust your president to get the right information on a Google-able fact, then can you really trust him with the harder stuff?"

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert tried to explain the press conference, but words initially failed him. "He started off by defending the rough start his administration's had by immediately attacking America's true enemy: anybody but him."

When Trump said he "inherited a mess," Colbert countered: "No, you inherited a fortune. We elected a mess."

In The Tonight Show's cold open, Jimmy Fallon brought back his Trump impression for his own version of the conference. "Buckle because I'm coming in hot."

"First of all, you're all fake news. I hate you all very much, and thank you for being here," he said in character. "First question? No. Next?"

Jimmy Kimmel put together a montage of clips from the Trump press conference, which he said reminded him of something that would be shown before a Pay-Per-View boxing event.

"He talked for an hour and 17 minutes, which is more than he's spoken to Melania all this year," said Kimmel.

Added Kimmel, "You know it's a bad press conference when assuming all black people know each other wasn't even the worst part of it."